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Earn as you play and monetize your gaming content in this powerful marketplace and social media collaboration.


Monetize gaming with viral content and influen

SYFT is an influencer marketplace for gamers to cash in on their gaming content and grow income streams off gaming experiences. Now gaming influencers can bring social networking as a tool to promote the best gaming content and cash out big!


How PRO-GAMERS are made

Across the net, the bravest gamers are risking it all and putting everything on the line to be champions. This is the content millions of internet users want to feed! The thirst. The hunger. The adrenaline. We are looking for the top of the pack influencers who can sell out gaming content through power-collabs.


A Race to Ultimate Domination!

Young and eager, maybe halfway through college, or taking some time off a demanding job to pull the greatest gaming heist! Gaming content from some of the most amazing legends of Fortnite, Call of Duty, League of Legends , and GTA V. This is what makes up SYFT’s library of gaming content and brings the gaming marketplace up close. We bring together the best:

Twitch influencers, where over 100k game-enthusiasts can connect to livestreams and follow gaming influencers.

YouTube audiences of over 100k. Cool, yes? Who wouldn’t want to cash in on that? Gaming can be this and much more.


Collab with top gamers, Grow your following



Total followers:

7.0 M


Kai Robinson

Total followers:

2.7 M

Marketplace Built for Gamers by Gamers

Can’t stop dreaming of a full-time gaming career? Twitter influencers, Instagram Influencers, and Facebook influencers are collaborating and monetizing their content right now. With audiences glued to round-the-clock tweets about the latest gaming updates, and new milestone achievements by their favorite gamers.


Pack a Bag of Cash on Your Way Home!

SYFT.GG is ready to launch you into a world of mind-blowing Rol on gaming and influencing. We are a by-gamers-for-gamers influencer platform that provides gamers:


Networking benefits


Monetization opportunities


Collaboration bonuses

Conquer Influencer Gaming

Built for eSports enthusiasts - and anyone who loves a good game - we will help you earn as you play. Want to make more money with gaming? Our easy-to-use features allow you to set your own rates and decide how much money you want to make. Gamers can be sure to sell out on their gaming content while you have unlimited content for your influencer platforms.

Want to collaborate with other gamers? SYFT.GG advocates social media collaboration. Being a leading collaboration platform for gamers, we allow you to accept or decline collaboration requests from other gamers.

When you sign up through the app, you join a league of other gamers with mutual interests and benefits.


Upgrade Your Gaming Influencer Lifestyle

Grow your social media following and keep your fans coming back every single time. With one account, you can link all your social media platforms to your profile. It’s a chain of influence - as your SYFT.GG following grows, your Twitch, YouTube, and IG following increases. Want to throw in a TikTok page? Even better! You don’t have to worry about the rapid Instagram messages that distract your gametime. You can organize all requests - sales, advertisements, and the in-between- under one SYFT.GG profile.


All The Features

Game content development.


SYFT.GG, available in app and web version, checks all the boxes for you.





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