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Your Introduction
To Youtube Influencer Marketing

YouTube is a free video sharing service which offers a global platform to anyone with a camera and a voice

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Whether you’re



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Looking to work with gamers to promote your music


It might be a good idea to understand how influencer marketing works on YouTube before you can jump on the bandwagon!


YouTube Influencer Marketing is a powerful, scaled form of communication which reflects a sense of community. It promotes a sense of co-ownership between the platform’s content creators and their followers.


What Youtube Means For Gamers


Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. When gaming comes into play, YouTube today boasts of a 44 percent viewer reach and is one of the biggest global outlets for gaming videos.


This means gaming content is not only well-received on YouTube but these influencers are able to connect with one of the largest existing online audiences in the world.


Through gaming montages, walk-throughs, reaction videos, and various reviews, gamers have the opportunity to continue doing what they love: creating more and more gaming content…but with an edge.


The viewer doesn’t just watch a YouTube Gamer play a game – they play along with them.

What YouTube means to musicians

A lot, actually. YouTube has overa billion users…which is about a third of the Internet. It is one of the biggest video outlets in the entire world and works great as an on-demand music service as well as a platform for musicians to share their art with the rest of the world.

YouTube helps musicians to be discovered by new listeners who might not have had the chance…if they weren’t scrolling through the platform.


It is the second most popular website in the world after Google, so getting music onto YouTube is a natural step in introducing it to the rest of the world.


In January 2020, 93% of the most-watched videos were music videos. But how can you consistently redefine the way you create your content? One of the most popular ways to get your music out there is by adding it to gaming montages.

They’re fast-paced pieces of highly-viewed content shared by YouTube gaming influencers, wherein professional gamers show off their best skills, hype up a competition, share previews or anything really.

Music is a key point in these montage videos, which makes it the perfect place to promote new tracks.


Gamers are always on the lookout for fast-paced EDM or Hip Hop songs which can match the pace and rhythm of the game, so adding a full-length song within a video is easy.

Whatever your style of music is, there’s a montage out there that will be suited to your music.


Whether you’re promoting EDM, Hip Hop, Rock, or even lo-fi there’s a gaming influencer out there that will be able to perfectly work your music into their gaming montages to get your music to the targeted audience.

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An easy way to learn about this is by signing up for SYFT.GG, an influencer marketplace, for gamers by gamers. They empower gamers to monetize their content by connecting them with musicians, bands, and fans.

Promoting music via gaming montages will help you quickly find a growing niche demographic and reach out to a larger audience.


As per the Social Media Benchmark Report of 2021 from Influencer Marketing Hub, 90% of global internet users spend their time watching videos, compared to the 73% who listen to music streaming services.

So, if you’re looking for ways to get your music heard by the widest possible audience - videos, and gaming montages specifically are the way to go! There has never been a more ideal way for musicians to promote their music on YouTube.

The video sharing platform is known for its loyal and invested audience, and in-depth content that helps influencers form a bond with their followers.

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YouTube is the greatest site for gamers especially, since the community of gamers and gamer fans is already a very close-knit group.

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The Power Of Youtube

YouTube has been around for over a decade, and is evolving daily to keep up with the ever-changing media landscape. It is keeping up with social media trends, and the most successful YouTubers know exactly what kind of content their audience is looking for.

The platform’s Gaming influencers are in an irreplaceable position and can leverage the general viewership on YouTube to find their own audience through means of unique gaming content and creative gaming montages.

For musicians and their record labels, YouTube offers a massive audience which can be reached by collaborating with gamers. Placing your music in the most successful montages from the best gaming influencers only improves your potential to connect with more like-minded people.

There’s a whole world out there…you just have to reach out to them. But first, you have to select the right influencer. Start now and join SYFT.GG today.


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